Splashtop 1 or 2

splashtop 1 or 2

1. (See steps 1 - 2 above.) 2. Find Splashtop in your Downloads folder and double-click on it to launch it. 3. Once SplashtopSOS is launched, the window in step. Splashtop Remote Access & Remote Support Pricing · Business Access Solo · For individual user only · Access up to 2 computers · $5 / month. Billed Annually at $ Privilege Escalation vulnerability in Splashtop Streamer 21/ – Contact to Splashtop reached, a vulnerability disclosed to the. COMODO 64 TORINO

I downloaded the trial and installed it on the desktop server in minutes. That process was seamless. Then I had each user integrate the access from their remotes. Not a single user had any connection issues. We are now all working from home as if we were in the office. This software is excellent. We are accessing from laptops, iPhones, androids, iMacs and notebooks.

No issues! I have no reservations at all. This software is by far, the best remote access software I have ever seen. The tests I ran were very successful. There were no connectivity issues and the product operational speed was phenomenal. Hi Daniel, Thanks a lot for the amazing scores and the review. I am Antonia from Splashtop Customer Success team. We are proud to be contributing to your business continuity and hope to have you as our customer for many years to come.

It solved the printing issues we were having when needing to give someone physical copies of things, as all of our employees are not computer savvy. I can get into their computers, convert files to off, transfer to anyone's computer or print directly to their printers when needed. This is the main reason why we needed a remote desktop software in the first place.

It has made genie working so much easier for our office. The ease of accessing files without having to physically bring your hard drive, thumb drive or use a cloud to share files has been critical to remote working for our office. So far I love every feature and have not run into any issues with using the software. As far as I'm concerned, it's perfect! It wasn't working as efficiently and easily as we wanted it to.

We were alway running out of clouds space, we always needed someone to physically check on the computers we needed to access, for whatever reasons, it didn't connect every time we needed to. Time used: Less than 12 months. Splashtop gives me the freedom to work remotely.

The platform makes you feel like you're sitting at the computer you're accessing remotely. I love it! I am very grateful that one of my clients introduced me to Splashtop. The platform allowed me to access his computer remotely and it worked very well. I had been using another platform for my own computers in my office. When that platform stopped providing free access, I started researching other platforms. Many had ridiculously high prices that were too high for my little business.

I was pleasantly surprised at the price when I researched Splashtop. Thanks to them, I now have all the accessibility I need at a reasonable price. At first I couldn't find out how to log someone out if they had forgotten to log off when they were done. After some searching and clicking around, I found the disconnect option.

It would be nice if that was a little easier to find. Other than that, I have no other complaints. TeamViewer no longer offered to the free option to me. Their pricing was not affordable for my small business. Industry: Computer Software. Le policy di vendita diventano riduttive nel nostro settore dove saremmo obbligati ad acquistare nuove licenze anche per effettuare un accesso singolo ad un nuovo cliente. It has become a vital part of our team to use Splashtop and was introduced to us in the pandemic.

It is easy to use and makes working from anywhere possible! You need a super-fast internet connection to move efficiently with it though. Splashtop makes everything you see on the screen blurry which is not good for drafting or graphic design-related tasks. I constantly see blurry lines and question what my documents really look like. Been using it for two years and have never had an issue connecting or setting up. Super easy to install and deploy. Doesnt take long to setup and get remoted into a clients software.

Easier setup for the client. I can send a link and its connected in less than 5 minutes. The setup was straight forward, simple agent communicating over HTTPS rather than non-standard ports. It allows us to connect to customer servers, easily. Remote access for remote workers has become a necessity with the covid crunch, Splashtop solves the issue with easy to administer and easy to control software.

The company is also very efficient, and very helpful - great to do business with Splashtop. Since the integration of BitDefender, Splashtop is becoming more and more the tool for us to use. Remote support is brilliant. Industry: Motion Pictures and Film. It's easy to access the multiple computers I need to. Bonus that I can be logged into more than one at once. I like the options for having different windows representing the different monitors and being able to move them and readjust size.

Unfortunately setting up remote audio was a hassle. Once I got it to work it's been seamless ever since. Second complaint about audio is that if you are working on Macs, you can't get audio through both the local and remote computer at the same time.

Only 1 Mac will get the audio and it's not a quick function to toggle or switch between either. I've been told PCs support this function though : this would be super helpful to have. I despise PCs with every fiber of my being. It required way faster internet speed and a VPN to work half as well. Overall splash business access provided us with the most seamless option to remote into one of our employees desktops.

We needed a replacement product for remote access of our local desktops both from our satellite office as well as in the event stay at home orders went back into effect. Other products I've used in the past for this purpose have been so slow and unresponsive that even with fast internet it was painful to try to work using remote access.

Splashtop is very fast and works very well. It was also available at an incredibly reasonable price for the number of users our firm needed. Probably the most important aspect of this software is how fast and responsive it is. Programs I've used in the past have had a lag where my curser doesn't track as quickly as my mouse movements, or text is entered more slowly than I type.

Splashtop feels almost like I am working on the desktop locally rather than remotely accessing it. It also has nice features for transferring files, printing locally or remotely, locking the screen and controls of the remote desktop, and a live chat feature although I do not really use the chat feature. It is a bit tedious to set up the program on different computers due to all of the authentications emails, it takes a little while to familiarize oneself with the admin controls, and you need to take steps to make sure that the Splashtop Streamer app is running in the background when you try to launch the remote access, which can be confusing to explain to users that are not technologically savvy.

Splashtop was a cheaper, better fit. Even the Citrix salesperson did not recommend that we try to replace ShareConnect with the Virtual Apps and Desktop program. Once I saw how fast Splashtop operated, I did not even consider looking at some of the programs we had used prior to ShareConnect. ShareConnect, a program offered with our Citrix ShareFile subscription, was going to be discontinued as a SaaS offering, and the replacement option that would have been available was not a good fit and would have been much more expensive.

It has been very good experience with software, it works ok with our needs. The software is straight fw It is stable, fast and work great. The client has to generate the code every time from his end I mean we generate the code for him or he can just install software then it appear on our end.

If there is an icon on the desktop that the client can click on to appear on the admin console it will be great. Mainly because of the price Hello, Thank you so much for the rating and review. Sounds like you are using our Splashtop On-Demand Support SOS which is designed for having a quick and efficient connection to your users' Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices with a simple session code and the code will be generated each time automatically to provide an extremely secure on-demand remote access solution.

Regarding your comment, Splashtop is integrated with freshservice and allows a workflow similar to what you describe for technicians who want to have remote access to their end users. The technician can reply to a ticket embedding an SOS link and later connect to the end user's computer without the end user needing to provide a session code.

Feel free to reach us at any time at: customer-success. It has been excellent. Support is great and they have never tried to sell me more than I need. I use this every single day Excellent value. Can only access one remote PC at a time Wish there were a bit more customizations Need to be able to remove their icons mouse, etc.

Hi Steve Thank you so much for the review and rating. We've been dedicating to deliver the best value remote access and support solutions to our customers. Unlike other service providers, our pricing remains the same for customers and allows them to stay with their chosen package without unannounced price raises. With Splashtop, each user can access more than one computer at a time, in fact up to And the Splashtop agent Streamer tray icon can also be hidden.

In addition to that the Streamer can also be installed silently. Feel free to contact our support team so we can assist you regarding the above. Thanks again for choosing Splashtop! Industry: Environmental Services. Awesome software for the now more common "stay at home' worker. I had been using another software prior to switching to Splashtop in March, it was a free version because I had only need to access my work computer from home minimally and that was only to access our accounting software, everything else I needed was in the "cloud".

The free software I was using had a horrible lag and terrible visual quality and once our state got stay at home orders, I began working from home full time, the lag and poor visual quality was not an efficient way to work. I looked into upgrading the free version but couldn't verify if the lag would be fixed and the price was outrageous so I opted to look for an alternative. That is how a came across Splashtop and decided to give the trial version a whirl and I am so glad I did, I knew with a day or 2 that I would be purchasing a license.

I access a computer with 2 monitors and will I can switch between the 2, I wish I had an option to make all everything open on one monitor because dragging between the monitors is not the smoothest when you can only have 1 monitor visible at a time. Although I believe viewing multiple monitors simultaneously is a feature in the Pro version, I am using the Solo version as working from home should only be temporary but if it were more permanent then I'd probably upgrade to Pro.

Price and not being able to verify if the lag I was experiencing would be fixed if i upgraded from free version. Hi Angie, Thank you so much for the scoring and telling us your user experiences. Regarding your feedback, have you tried our monitors switching hotkeys? We are at your disposal Stay healthy and take care! Industry: Non-Profit Organization Management. We used LogMeIn for years until they almost quadrupled their prices. We looked and found Splashtop.

It offered almost all of the same functionality at a fraction of the cost. It was lacking some polish at first but over the years they have greatly improved upon their product. I use it daily to manage the users at my company remotely and I haven't had any issues. The cost versus LogMeIn. We pay a fraction of what we were paying with LogMeIn even before their price hike. Also it allows for a lot more client machines at the same price.

It was lacking some polish in the beginning but they have steadily been rolling out new features. They are on par with LogMeIn now. Remote Desktop Manager. Controlling machines, the fact that it supports UAC prompts, file transfer ability, all of those are reasons that this works well for our business. To be honest value is the number one reason I love this software. Compared to other solutions the cost is lower, but the product is high quality and is used on a daily basis.

No support for Linux. We have several Linux machines that we would like to manage, but the support for Linux has been little to none. They have an old version for Linux, and it has not been updated in a while. I use it for tech support of all our computers inside or outside my network. Great for those road warriors that are gone all week. Can remote into existing computers from a list it gives you at will using the small client software or buy the SOS module and have the user go to a website, give you a number, and you remote into any computer.

You can setup different admins to see a different list of computer to remote into. Once you setup the credentials you can remote in easily at will. When doing a file transfer sometimes you closes the connection. They have been working on this and may have it fixed by now. Cost and ability to remote into a computer without user interaction along with ability to remote into a computer by having the user go to a website and give me an access number to get in without install any software prior to getting in.

Value, product functionality, and quick replies for help without having to spend unreasonable amounts of money to do so. Remote control software that works well with all of the features of Teamviewer for excellent pricing that anyone can afford. The only issues after moving from Teamviewer is when installing trying to figure out the streamer vs.

Price 2. As close as I could get to Teamviewer funcationality without the insane pricing from Teamviewer. Was using free version and needed commercial use licensing. The price was extremely unreasonable for what our small company can afford. Industry: Information Technology and Services. It has been good. I was searching for an alternative to TeamViewer that wasn't going to kill my one-man-company. This lets me manage the few servers I need too without having to pay a ton of cash.

The file transfer works great, and the screen sharing is solid. Stays connected for DAYS. It works way better than other screen sharing apps I have used. It just works. I also like the cost - compared to teamviewer, it is more reasonably priced and I don't have to fight bugs all the time. It works when you switch to wifi - long time teamviewer bug!

The only problem I have had and it was short lived was that it is easy to close the remote client accidentally. Once you realize it needs to stay running and don't close the tray icon - you don't have any problems. I caught this very early on. TeamViewer wouldn't work on devices connected to wifi - it was bizarre. Never used to work like that, but the software just kept getting buggier and buggier.

Also, the disconnects were horrendous. Industry: Computer Hardware. Most of the support tasks that I perform now are with Splashtop Business Access, and physical visits to clients are now rare. Much of the work is after hours when businesses are closed, so it works very well for me. The one thing that had me committed was the low cost after the massive price increases I was experiencing from Logmein.

Splashtop has improved in performance, reliability and feature-set considerably over the several years I've been using it, and I cannot praise it more highly. The company also listen carefully to their users and have fixed minor issues along the way. All versions of Windows from XP upwards are supported, including servers.

There are very few cons. Very old PCs with poor graphics capability maybe rather slow, but there is an add-on driver that helps. Thankfully these issues are very rare, and those machines should have been upgraded anyway. Full Dual Monitor support is an additional paid option, but I can live without that.

I preferred a product that was hosted elsewhere like Logmein, and the idea of hosting it here in the case of ScreenConnect didn't appeal. I believe ScreenConnect now have both options? Price got completely out of hand. Small businesses like mine were obviously not a priority with Microsoft themselves being such a major client of Logmein. Logemin lost a very large number of small hoem based businesses when they did this.

I would also like to mention that their Customer Support is excellent. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with their rep, discussing the merits of Splashtop and the various options available. He was thorough and extremely patient. I started with the 7-day trial of Splashtop Business Pro, which they extended for an extra 7 days when I needed more time.

I've needed support a couple of times, and they were very responsive. Another thing I love about the choice I've made is the affordability. Some other services were going to be unjustifiably expensive for me, which led me to the search for an alternative. After a relatively short learning curve, I was able to use this software exactly as required. I offer remote computer and device support to people who are, for the most part, over 75 years old.

As such, it can be challenging to guide them through resolving their problem. Being able to offer remote access, is crucial with clients like this, because I can explain as I offer the visual. The seniors I deal with are easily confused with technology, which made guiding them through installation of the Splashtop Streamer at their end a bit tricky. This was probably the most difficult part of laying the groundwork for helping my clients.

So I prepared screenshots of every step of the installation process for myself, which allowed me to guide them through installation one step at a time. For the most part, Splashtop Business Access covers all bases for me and is definitely a crucial tool in accomplishing my work. Even so, there are two things on my "wish list", that would make the experience even better I would prefer not having to use my telephone to speak to the client, and would really appreciate if Splashtop had an audio component built into it.

Many of my clients have only iPads or iPhones and, to my knowledge, Splashtop does not allow for me to offer them remote support from my computer to their device. That possibility would be fantastic! The main reason was price. Team Viewer Pro is a very expensive alternative, and is not a price I can justify spending. The unique User Interface is designed with complete compatibility for mobile devices, and allows any PC application to be easily operated on, even from mobile devices having small displays.

You can use "Splashtop" to control PC applications which normally would only run on PC from tablet devices, play online games or even use Microsoft Office on your mobile device. High-Performing Remote Desktop.

One of the key features of "Splashtop Personal" is its high performance during remote connections. Splashtop has built a strong name for itself —recording over 15 million downloads worldwide and has also won many distinguished awards such as the "Best Mobile App" Award for 2 consecutive years in the Consumer Electronics Show and as well as the "Top 20 Best-Selling iPad App in ". Remote Access through 2 Simple Steps. In order to connect to a PC via remote, all that users need to do is carry out 2 very simple steps —launch the "Splashtop Personal" application on their device, and tap on the PC to remotely connect to.

No more worries about being unable to connect to a PC due to the power being turned off. Application launch connected. With Splashtop, you can set up special shortcuts which allow you to carry out specific operations with a touch of a button. Tap on the keyboard button at the bottom left corner of the screen to bring up the large and easy-to-use software keyboard.

Communicate More Freely, using the "Annotation" Feature. By using the " Annotation " feature, users can leave notes or comments on the PC which they are remoting on and also leave screenshots. Screenshots taken using this feature are saved directly on the Desktops of the PC that they are remotely connected to.

Now you can carry out everything via remote and leave notes about the operations carried out, using the "Annotation" feature. Splashtop Inc. Product Name. Splashtop Premium 1 year version. Splashtop Premium 3 year version download only.

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